Innamorati di Milano

14 February 2021

AWI coordinates the “Culture and Entertainment” round table[1] [2]  of the “Innamorati di Milano” project with Luca Benetta.

Impasse Association and Santagata Foundation

18 December 2020

AWI participates in WHO’S ART FOR? #2 | New organisational models against cultural precariousness part of R-set / Tools for cultural workers. Organized by Impasse, supported by the Directorate General for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes – service II “Cultural Institutes” of MiBACT and by the Santagata Foundation for the Economy of Culture.

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December 2020

AWI develops HYPERUNIONISATION, an online platform for the promotion of a transnational network of groups, institutions and organisations dealing with the rights of cultural workers in Europe and around the world. The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation and carried out with the patronage of SMART (Société Mutuelle pour Artistes).

Read more [3] about Hyperunionisation

Lateral North, Glasgow

13 November 2020

AWI participates in the symposium “After the Pandemic” organized by Lateral North, Glasgow, 13/11/2020


Culture Salon British Council
25 October 2020

AWI participates in the Culture Salon 1 – Creative Independents: Securing Our Future organized byBritish Council

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Collaboration with Donati and Broccardi

October 2020

AWI officially starts the consultancy agreement with Prof. Lawyer Alessandra Donati and Dr. Accountant Franco Broccardi. Alessandra Donati advises AWI in matters of civil, commercial, and copyright law and intellectual property. Franco Broccardi advises on accounting, administrative and tax matters. For the year 2021 the collaboration includes the preparation of three models of contracts for artists and art workers, the drafting of a glossary of technical terms and a series of summary sheets (“FAQ WORK”) concerning the legal and tax instruments already available to the art workers.

Il Campo Innocente

Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri

16 September 2020

AWI participates in the meeting Come Stiamo in the programme of the Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri, 16/9/2020


Venice Climate Camp 2020

8–12 September 2020

AWI participates in the Venice Climate Camp, 8-12/9/2020


Official foundation of AWI – Art Workers Italia
7 July 2020

AWI is incorporated as an association at the Turin Revenue Agency. The statute of the association is drawn up with the advice and collaboration of Prof. Lawyer Alessandra Donati and Dr. Accountant Franco Broccardi.

Read the Statute of the Association

Garage Museum of Moscow

5 July 2020

AWI participates in A Unification of Multitudes: Artist Workers Italia and Ice Cream Café, organized by Garage Museum, Moscow

Weigh Station Bolzano

1 July 2020

AWI participates in CHI C’È C’È! Mittwochs in der WS Qualcosa si muove: AWI + Lavorator_della Danza fromWeigh Station, Bolzano


Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
Deutscher Künstlerbund Berlin
30 June 2020

AWI participates in What We Need is Systemic Change organized by Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart and Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin


Art.Lab Matera

12 June 2020

AWI participates in Art.Lab Matera, where it presents a video contribution and dialogues with the institutional representatives of the Culture Committee of the House, the Senate and the representatives of the Government


Forum of Italian Contemporary Art

May 2020

AWI coordinates, together with Francesca Guerisoli, the round table of the Forum dell’Arte Contemporanea Italiana “Work in Art: If Normality Was the Problem”. The round table proposes to rethink the statute of artists and professionals of contemporary art, questioning the correct contractual and fiscal framework, economic livelihood and forms of social security. It also aims to work on professional recognition, through the definition of ethical principles and operational tools as bases for imagining an alternative horizon, based on sustainability and dignity of work.

Read the final report

As a partner of the Forum of Contemporary Italian Art, AWI also takes part in the other round tables of the Forum. Listen to AWI’s contribution to the round table “From the Creative City to the City of Care, Proposals for New Relational Paradigms”, coordinated by Pietro Gaglianò and Institute of Radical Imagination.

Read AWI’s contribution to the round table “What Future for the Art Market?” coordinated by Cristina Masturzo and Adriana Polveroni.

Meeting with ACTA and Smart

19 May 2020

AWI organises a meeting with Cristina Zanni from ACTA and Donato Nubile from Smart to investigate the logics that underlie subordinate, para-subordinate and autonomous work, and the solution of the cooperative.

3 137 E Sync Curatorial Fellowship, Athens

8 May 2020

AWI participates in IS THIS LOVE? LABOR / ART / AURATIC CONDITIONS with Cultural Workers Alliance Greece. Organized by Sync Curatorial Fellowship e 3 137, Athens

Manifesto of Art Workers Italia
1 May 2020

AWI launches its manifesto during the city of Turin May Day. The manifesto is divided into demands related to the Covid-19 emergency and long-term goals.

Read the manifesto[4] 

Sign the manifesto

Letter to Minister Franceschini
24 April 2020

AWI sends a letter to the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini, with requests and suggestions to support the sector both in the context of the emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and in the long term.

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17 April 2020

AWI promotes the appeal and the #SOSNOPROFITCULTURA campaign to ask the government for greater economic protection of third sector associations, put at risk by the closure of spaces during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Initial research phase
April-July 2020

Aware that the criticality of the situation has only exacerbated structural problems of the sector, the group decided to organize themselves into work groups, divided into areas of investigation and intervention, in order to articulate concrete proposals both in the context of emergency due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and in the long run. The different round tables are dedicated to the identification of measures for the protection of the existing working and how to improve them; to the comparative analysis of good practices already tested in other EU and non-EU countries, to assess the applicability in Italy; to the historical research of the struggles of the workers of art. AWI initiates conversations with other national and international realities to protect cognitive work, discusses with universities and academies, activates collaborations with experts in the legal, tax, and administrative sector to discuss how to build contractual models that meet the real needs of art workers.

Emergenza Permanente/Permanent Emergency
29 March 2020

The group “Emergenza (permanente?) – Workers of Contemporary Art” is born on social networks. The initial objective of the group is sharing of useful information in the context of the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy, which resulted in the cancellation of most of the work activities of the art workers. A first shared document is opened to collect collectively in-depth articles, appeals to be signed, regional, national, and international initiatives.

Explore the Art Workers Covid-19 Toolkit

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