Initial Research Phase

April-July 2020

Becoming aware of the urgency of the situation that has only exacerbated structural problems within the sector, the group decided to organise into working tables. Divided into areas of investigation and intervention, these aim to articulate concrete proposals both in the context of the Covid-19 emergency and in the long term. The different tables are dedicated to identifying pre-existing labour protection measures and ways to improve them; the comparative analysis of good practices already tested in other EU and non-EU countries, the assessment of their applicability in Italy; and the historical research of the struggles of art workers. AWI has initiated conversations with other national and international movements concerned with protecting cognitive work and has held discussions with universities and academies. Furthermore, we have initiated collaborations with experts in the legal, fiscal, and administrative sectors to discuss how to build contractual models that meet the real needs of art workers. 

Emergenza Permanente / Permanent Emergency

29th March 2020

The group "Emergenza Permanente” - Workers of Contemporary Art" emerged on social media. The initial objective of the group was sharing useful information during the first lockdown in Italy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the suspension of most work for art workers. A draft was shared to everybody to gather collectively in-depth articles, appeals to be signed, regional, national and international initiatives.
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