HYPERUNIONISATION is an online platform that promotes a transnational network of groups, institutions and organisations concerned with the rights of cultural workers in Europe and across the globe. The goal of HYPERUNIONISATION is to create a dialogue and mutual support between these entities implementing effective practices of solidarity for anyone who needs them. The aim is to trigger a process of mutual learning to analyse and share tools of ethical, legal, and political nature that can support cultural workers on how to survive in the contemporary crisis and in the long run.

HYPERUNIONISATION is developing HYPERMATES, an constantly evolving list of organisations working in defence of the rights of cultural workers in Europe and beyond which has the ambition to become a network. As part of HYPERUNIONISATION, AWI hosts the “HOW TO” ROUNDTABLES, a series of three online events involving Italian, European and international art work groups committed to endorse structural changes, applying political pressure in the cultural field and developing specific tools and strategies for institutional negotiation.

The roundtables “HOW TO STRIKE”,“HOW TO INSTITUTE” and “HOW TO GET PAID” invite these organisations to dialogue with each other as well as with academics, legal experts and other institutions. By sharing our requests and experiences, the aim is to develop effective strategies to pursue common objectives on a continental scale. Each roundtable aims to be pragmatic in nature, to reflect on a specific theme or measure, and to generate positive case studies to be potentially implemented in different countries and contexts.

The roundtables are available in English with Italian subtitles. What has emerged from the meetings is collected into three reports that will be published on the online platform cheFare, an agency for cultural transformation, media partner of the project.

The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation and carried out with the funding of SMART (Société Mutuelle pour Artistes).


Watch Panel

With Alytus Biennale, Tiziano Bonini, Giulia Druetta

Moderator Vincenzo Estremo, AWI


Watch Panel

With Afrofeminism in progress, Black(s) to the Future, SAVVY Contemporary

Moderator Justin Randolph Thompson, AWI


Watch Panel

With Platform BK, Smart Belgio, Trabajadores de arte Contemporáneo, UKS

Moderator Ilaria Conti, AWI